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"Just before you turn away from looking out over the Grand Canyon you experience this urge to open your eyes a little wider, to breathe one last deep breath, to pause just a beat to let the air wash over you because you know that when you look away the moment will be gone and your life may never bring you back to this place. 


Life is sprinkled with these Grand Canyon moments, firsts and lasts and transition times that feel monumental. As I have gone through life, I have found true joy in savoring each moment of life in the same way. Each moment is just as precious. Today that seems especially evident.


You may play this sport again, you may be part of another show, you may play another song - but this team, this cast, this note; they are unique. This class, this walk down the senior steps, this assembly, this conversation with friends in the sun on the hill at lunchtime; these everyday moments should be savored too.


You don’t know when life will next bring you a similar one and even if you get another similar to this it won’t quite be the same because this particular group will never be assembled again in this way, in this moment. Should you get back to this place, you will not be the same you. So in every moment, pause just long enough to fully experience all that it has to offer. Savor it.


Even this empty pit in my stomach moment, as I grieve for a Spring that never will be, I choose to savor all that it offers. The depth of that pain is so great because of the depth of my love for Burr and Burton and for each of you, so yes even this moment, I will take an extra second to wrap myself in before I harness my will and turn towards being my best in the next moment and to helping those along my path become their best selves." -D Miceli


Savor life.


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Pierce Fulton (born 6 June 1992) is an American DJ, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.  In 2014, Fulton's single "Runaway" topped the Billboard's Emerging Artists chart.   Later that year, his song "Kuaga (Lost Time)" was listed at number 38 on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart and used in a Smirnoff ad campaign.

You might know Pierce most for his songs Kuaga, No More, Losing You & Landmines but with his recently released Borrowed Lives EP and debut album Better Places, he goes back to those early musical roots.

“I’ve played some sort of music since I was a child,” says Pierce. “Anywhere from a guitar to just banging sticks on stage as a 5-year-old at my aunt's wedding, I’ve always ‘done’ something. Electronic music was the first time in my musical lifetime that I stopped playing things and started clicking and dragging. It’s a blast because you can be a one man band, but over time I realized I lost a lot of what made me a musician. I still can’t even play my guitar as well as I did when I was 14, don’t even get me started about drums or piano. With my songs like Landmines and No More, you can hear the live music sneaking its way back into my life but Borrowed Lives and my album Better Places are my first full steps back into being a musician again.”

Pierce is still subject to the habits of his youth; bouncing between genres and instruments while simultaneously bringing all of these influences into the dance music he's known for. When he isn't out on the road, playing shows around the world, not too much has changed about those quiet, cozy nights spent in the studio.