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The Birth of Unleashed Media Productions 

Unleashed Media Productions was born with the idea of the Jetlagged Podcast. In the spring semester of 2019, student Michael DeRita was approached by Neil Freebern to pursue a podcasting project that would see him creating and producing podcasts. Michael went onboard with the project and soon enough Jetlagged was born. It was a podcast started by him and his two friends Colby Gunther and Adam Snitkowski. Episodes were recorded and uploaded every week until a teacher, Mr.Nicholson, approached Neil and Michael asking to record a Speech and Comp class. 

They recorded it but didn’t have anywhere to put it. That was when Unleashed was born. Unleashed was created with the idea for students and teachers alike to be able to put their creativity onto a platform and have that platform streamed for all. The idea worked for awhile but Neil and Michael wanted to go bigger. They wanted to create an FM radio station for the school to listen to and upload their work. Students would be able to create anything they wanted and have all the surrounding towns listen to their creation. Neil and Michael spent the rest of the semester and a good chunk of the summer researching and even visiting the local radio station. However, the plan fell through. Creating an FM station had many legalities that stumped Neil and Michael. Thus the online radio station was born! 

Unleashed Media Productions was born following its predecessor Unleashed. It is a tool for students and teachers to use to upload anything they are working on and want to show the world. It has an online radio station for podcasts, music, talk shows and more. There is a radio drama currently in development with new episodes released periodically. There are sections for videography and photography. Anything anyone can make can be stored in the library. It is a tool for all and will have lasting impacts at BBA and the community around it. 

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