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Through Logic Software


Ladiocast must be on your computer

Loopback audio Plugin is needed.


  1. Open Ladiocast

  2. In your input make sure Loopback audio is selected, it is already installed on the laptop. 

  3. In Logic, make sure it outputs into Loopback audio as well. 

  4. Select Ladiocast again

  5. In the top left of your computer, there should be a tab called “Streaming”

  6. Select Streamer 1 - a window pops up.

  7. Everything should already be set up, but check the encoding tab and make sure the stream quality is 356 kb/s  (There have been times where it has reset)

  8. You can also edit the metadata, name it something along the lines of UNLEASHED RADIO HOUR LIVE AT SVAC or whatever makes more sense.

  9. At the bottom of the window, there should be a connect button.

  10. Click connect and wait for the stream to start up

  11. It will take about a minute or so to start but once it does check it on

  12. Now you can mix in logic and that will output onto the stream. 

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