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A Burr and Burton Academy voice acting club exploring old-time radio.


Strangers Final.mp3BBA VOICE ACTORS
00:00 / 26:46

"Stranger In The House". Sponsored by: Signal Oil. Helen has been waiting for news of her brother for six years. When the brother finally shows's an imposter! Helen decided she might as well be honest with herself; the suspense was getting her down. It had been six years since her brother Ted had left for the Orient on that government mission just before Pearl Harbor and he was still out there somewhere between Manila and Shanghai, alive or dead. It had come to the point now where Helen was wishing for any kind of a message even one telling her Ted was dead, at least it would end the waiting at least it would be better that not knowing at all…

Starring: Maialen Hoffman, Jesse Dykes, Miles Allen, Mike DeRita, Neil Freebern, Calvin Parent

Audio Engineering: Leah Allen

Outer Limit - Dimension XBBA VOICE ACTORS
00:00 / 24:34

"Outer Limit- Dimension X." Story of an experimental rocket plane which disappears for ten hours when it only had fuel for ten minutes. The pilot tells an incredible story of an alien contact. The year is 1965. There is a vast concrete runway set in the desert of the south west. A giant metal ship stands proud and pointed to the stars. In 5 minutes the signal will flash and it will tear up through the atmosphere to the outer limits. A thrilling tale of alien contact. Tonight we escape with the pilot of an experimental jet rocket aircraft, about to be hurled 40 miles out from the earth's surface, into the limitless boundaries of space. Where he receives the most terrible warning in the history of man, from which there is no escape...

Starring: Erin Norton, Jesse Dykes, Miles Allen, Mike DeRita, Neil Freebern, Calvin Parent, Tate Morr

Audio Engineering: Leah Allen

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